Master Piece chakki atta made from finest quality “Sharbati” wheat blend, chosen by expert.

Intensive 12 stages cleaning of wheat to remove impurities and micro-organism.

Especially grinded and selectively packed to retain the flavor and fiber enriched bran in chakki atta.

Complete automated and PLC controlled operation ensures highest level of hygienic chakki atta every time.

Masterpiece Chakki Atta absorbs more water – Hence Chapatti remains soft longer.

Premium Multi-layered packaging makes sure lasting freshness of atta.

Final chapatti becomes Softer, Tastier and Puffy every time.  

Expiery : 45 days from the date of manufacturing  

What is chakki atta?
Chakki atta is pure natural wheat without any additions and griding is done in a traditional way of stone griding. 
Stone mills popularly called as chakkis. Chakki is nothing but a pair of stones, of which, one is stationery and other is a rotating stone. 
Modern Roller mills generate more heat than stone milling (Chakki) and thereby some nutrition and vitamins are lost. 
Stone milling causes Starch Damage. Stone grinding breaks the starch sufficiently to release extra sweetness while burning it slightly to give added flavor to chappati/Roti. 
Chakki milling improves the texture and taste of the Chapati/Roti.

what is Sharbati Atta? 
What is Indian Sharbati Atta? Sharbati atta comes exclusively from the state of Madhya Pradesh. Note that all wheat coming from MP is NOT Sharbati. The Sharbati is a rain-fed phenomenon where there is no organized, large-scale irrigation. The high potash content in the soil, low humidity and rain irrigation results in wheat that is naturally 1-2 per cent higher in protein content than the normal 10-12 percent elsewhere. Sharbati belongs to the aestivum genre of wheat, the common bread wheat.

The protein in wheat will be higher when there is drought.

The "Sharbati" is the finest variety of Indian wheat which is mainly produced in Madhya Pradesh and the best of it variants are produced in a town close to the state capital Bhopal called Sehore. That is why on some packaged atta packets you can refer the term Sehori sharbati. The reason this variety is called sharbati is because it tastes sweeter than the normal wheat varieties and thus is considered of a much superior quality.


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